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What is Critical Angle?

     Critical Angle started out as a way to debrief instructional flights through private pilot training; to see what one can only see looking from the outside. Things such as how you talk on the radio; how you perform maneuvers. The channel then progressed from me reviewing my own flights into also sharing them with fellow pilots.

     I realized, while there were plenty of people on YouTube doing similar things for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters were hardly represented. There was a niche to be filled. I wanted to share what I got to experience everyday with more than just fellow pilots. I wanted to share with everyone. And not just the fun stuff. I wanted to share some of the knowledge that I was acquiring. Many people have no idea why or how helicopters do some of the things they do. Using my experience in the film industry and years of video editing, I consistently put out the best quality content I could, learning along the way what worked and what didn't. It was tough in the beginning, just as starting any YouTube channel is, but I pressed on. At the end of the first year, thousands of people had decided that they liked the content enough to subscribe.

     Thank you for the support. The content will keep coming as long as you guys want to watch it.

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